Testimonials – AUTISM

Improvement in 25-yr old Autistic Manautism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment
We have searched for answers to our son’s Autism for years.  We have tried it all!  Sensory Integration therapy, Auditory Integration therapy, Speech, OT, Cranial Sacrial Therapy, GF/CF diet, prescribed medications, three rounds of Stem Cell treatment, nutritional supplementation.  We even swam with the Dolphins!  There was a place for all therapies, but unfortunately, minimal improvement over the years.

Upon starting NMT, we noticed immediate improvement in our son.  He was in a definite state of depression even though on psychotropic drugs. Since starting NMT, he has done a 360 turn around!  From depression to smiling and laughing!  He is controlling negative behaviors and has less aggression.  We are able to redirect him (no episodes or meltdowns).  Our son still has many issues, but this is a good start. I now look forward to upcoming NMT sessions! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!
~ Jane T., Minnesota

Asperger’s Syndrome and Chronic TMJ Pain
My 19 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 18.  In looking for treatments for him, I eventually found Luminara. Through NMT, she has helped him quickly eliminate toxins, with leaky-gut and brain repair, indicate good supplements including homeopathic remedies  (through supplement testing), and correct negative emotions and beliefs about himself.  As a result, he is much healthier, his memory and focus have improved, has much less anxiety, depression,and obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as travels better. His behavior is much improved, including having much fewer outbursts and agitations.

She has also greatly helped him with his TMJ disorder, which has caused chronic pain for at least three years. He had tried accupuncture, chiropractic care, CranioSacral therapy, massage therapy, and pain medications, which all helped to alleviate the pain somewhat, but he still suffered daily from some sort of jaw, neck, or head pain.  Luminara was able to eliminate the pain in one session, and any residual pain she is able to quickly resolve. For the first time in years he is without pain, which has made his days much more enjoyable. With NMT he is much better able to face life.  I would say he quickly healed in spirit, mind, and body.
~ Nikki N.,  Port Orchard, WA

Autistic Behavior and Genetic Mutation
Salem is a child that was developmentally doing fine until around 18 months when my husband said come look at Salem–he was downstairs spinning and not responding to his name and his gait was off.  He was admitted into the hospital for a week and they ran all sorts of tests.   He had CK levels and a bunch of abnormal blood work.  After Salem got released from the hospital I started searching the internet; I knew there was something out there to help him.  I was searching in the Autism reports and found information about Luminara. We were so blessed that we found her!  She worked on everything from his digestion, body flora, gait, neurological issues and repairing of his dystrophin gene mutation and chewing issues.  Now Salem’s gait is back to normal, his receptive language has improved dramatically, he no longer sleeps bent over due to his gut hurting him, he is chewing food like a normal 3-year old, he is coming to get our attention when he needs help with something, and he is verbal!

I highly recommend Luminara’s services for your child if you suspect their body is not functioning normally as it should be and if you feel the MD’s have nothing more to offer. Believe me, I have been thru this twice and they do not have all the answers; they do not study about natural medicine. I have learned prescription medicine is not the cure-all for everything; it is a cover up!  Luminara works with all different levels of a person – emotional, physical, biochemical, energetic – and heals at each level.  We have seen such outstanding results with Salem and are so blessed!  Thank you so much Luminara for your guidance and healing!
~ Tammi A., St. Louis, MO

Dramatic Improvements from NMT
We have had dramatic improvements as a result of Neuromodulation Technique. My son, who was diagnosed with Mild to Moderate Autism has recently been evaluated as being entirely off the Autistic Spectrum, and he truly is. He is left with some gross motor delays, social immaturity, and some anxiety, sensory, and focus issues. NMT is also being used to treat his Lyme Disease, developmental delays, and allergies. The first NMT treatment was amazing – his six month extreme obsession with bats and Batman became a normal childhood interest after only a 10 minute treatment.

The following treatments results in a dramatic lessening of his phobias of dogs, loud noises, etc. He used to sleep 17 hours a day  and he was four years old. After the obsessions, the next symptoms to go were the hypersomnolence, fatigue and then the mood swings. We continue to use NMT to assist in working on his gross motor delays and appropriate socialization. During die-off periods from the lyme treatment he is receiving from a Lyme doctor, we do get increased symptoms in some areas. NMT is helping lessen these die-offs significantly.

My son is now average for fine motor skills, he is compliant and sweet, and there is no more self-stimulation at all. He wants to socialize with other children and he is cooperative. His sensory issues are lessened as well. His impulsivity, distractibility, and lack of focus are improved, his gait is improving, and his anxiety is lessened.
~ Kristin, Texas

Testimonials – ALLERGY AND MORE

I have suffered my whole life from seasonal pollen and mold allergies. When I moved to the Willamette Valley, I knew I was in for it. The things that affected me most were scotch broom pollen and mold in the fall. Sometimes it got so bad I had to use an inhaler. I tried every antihistamine available. My children, 9 and 12, also suffered from these allergies. In 2008 during the height of allergy season, I saw Luminara’s ad for NMT allergy elimination. I decided to take the whole family in.

We all seemed to feel better right away. I sort of forgot about the whole thing until I was driving in my car with the kids, spring 2009, and I saw a huge stand of scotch broom blooming to the side of the road. I was amazed. Usually, I know the day the scotch broom blooms because I have to run to the store for some antihistamine and a box of tissues. I was feeling fine. I called back to the kids -“Hey, does anybody have the sniffles?” They answered, “No,” wondering what I was asking for. I said, look over at those scotch broom. They were surprised. That was the day I knew NMT really works.
~ A.H., Eugene OR


I was very worried with anxiety about this skin outbreak and you worked with me to find the root or cause and heal me on many levels. It took a couple sessions and time over the phone too. We turned this body’s suffering toward the road to health. It would have taken much longer I feel without your help. What peace of mind I craved to know it would heal and that’s exactly what I got. I’m so grateful and relieved. Thank you Luminara!
~ Genna H., Springfield, OR



natural allergy treatment, allergies alternative treatmentI have no words to express my joy and appreciation for I am finally free from pain in my hip joints and shoulders and itchiness which I have had to live with for many years.

I am 57-yr old Japanese woman and I had to rely on my interpreter to understand instructions during the healing sessions, but what pleasantly surprise me with NMT was that during an emotional work, old unforgetable emotions surfaced but I didn’t have to share with Luminara details of my tragic story. As I breathed deeply while tapping, I felt I was connected to the Source. It was that simple. And my physical symptoms began to clearly improve.

Before NMT, I could hardly move to take care of myself but I was soon able to

do house chores and it was like magic. It was not a miracle nor was I dreaming it all up. I was very impressed with the results I have seen with NMT. Thank you so much for this wonderful outcome. Being healthy means so much to me as I can now take care of my old parents. Besides cooking and cleaning on daily basis and attending to the needs of my parents, I am now able to enjoy “karaoke”. I’m sure I can keep adding to my list of CAN DOs. I’m so happy!
~ Katsue M., Sapporo, Japan

I’m feeling great! I’m totally mellow this week and it has been enyojable! I’m actually enjoying time with my husband. I feel calm like I did after our first session. So thanks for everything!
~ Lynn S., Eugene, OR


Luminara has helped us in clearing blocks and streamlining energy in our business. Personally, I’ve had her clear a 3-month headache – which disappeared immediately never to return.
~ Paul R., Seattle, WA


I highly recommend Luminara. I came to her with a headache and toothache from a new crown on a tooth. Her NMT work released 90% of the pain immediately and the rest was gone over the next few hours. I have received much other benefit from her also.
~ Thomas S, Eugene, OR


Reaction same for 3 days            22 hours later
natural allergy treatment, allergies alternative treatment    natural allergy treatment, allergies alternative treatment
My son had a huge reaction to mosquito bites so that they were red and swollen about 1/2 to 1 cm around the bite.  At first I did nothing and the bites and itchiness stayed the same for 3 days. I finally decided to do a healing session and after one NMT session, the reaction went down by about 75%. The second photo is taken 22 hours after the first one. After the photo the bites went fully down to nothing by the next day.
~ Luminara Serdar, Eugene, OR




I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis for about 2 years and tried many modalities, but nothing had made any true difference. Luminara asked me to wiggle my feet, then she did some of her work and asked me to wiggle them again. Much to my surprise, the pain went away and it stayed away from that moment on. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for that. I can now walk and run pain free!
~ Ronit C., Santa Barbara, CA


What Healing Group Participants Said

– I had my doubts when I first started the class. But the group energy was a positive along with your own open mind to the healing powers of mind and body. My knee and ankle and shoulder pain have been so much more controlled. Not so much pain. My allergies are more in check. No bad eyes and clearer sinus passages. Thank you!
~ K. F., Eugene, OR

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment

STRESS –  After each session I felt extremely relaxed (especially so those first few hours before I went to bed). I slept better, especially the first few days after the session, though once the stress came back I started not sleeping well again (but it was still not as bad as before I joined the group). I was able to deal with everything better, and continued each week to have a new perspective of my body, and just noticing how I feel…and noticing oftentimes why! It has been overall very enriching.”
~ A. S., Eugene, OR

NEUROPATHY – I came to NMT because I believe the mind-body connection to be the basis of healing, unlike most Western medicine practices, which have only caused me grief or exacerbated conditions. My second session of NMT produced startling sensation in nerves doctors had told me would only worsen. Since then I have more improvement with the neuropathy, as well as subtle changes in other areas. I am very grateful to have discovered this amazing, non-invasive healing modality.
~ D. W., Eugene, OR

TOXIN CLEARING – I found the group healing sessions very beneficial! I have noticed some toxins clearing out of my body. There were a few times when I felt that I was going to get sick- but I did not – and ended up feeling better than before. My mind feels a lot more clear, meaning I’m able to stay more calm in my reactions to things that would normally really upset me. My overall sense of well-being has improved. My downs are not quite so low and I tend to bounce up much quicker. Thank you!
~ H. B., Eugene, OR