Stress and Anxiety Relief with NMT

stressDo you worry about school, work, your boss, your kids, your parents, your health, global warming, the environment?

Do you go to bed late and wake up tired?

Do you feel fatigued most of the time?

Do colds and coughs persist for weeks?

Are you are afraid of change, yet know something needs to change in your life?

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How you will benefit. Experience lasting relief, changes in habitual thinking and doing, and permanent release of worries, lasting peace of mind. Work, family, job, relationship stresses melt away as the body becomes stronger, more healthy, more “on-task”.

Energy that was spent worrying can now be used to:

        • repair vital organs
        • strengthen the immune response to pathogens
        • digest food more thoroughly
        • detoxify the body more efficiently
        • reduce the risk of cancer
        • energize the brain for quicker thinking.

natural stress relief

After the NMT healing session:
Notice your breathing. 

Notice your movement.

Notice your thoughts.

Notice a feeling of peace and lightness, as if a load has been lifted from your shoulders.

As you feel these shifts or any others, please, continue to join us. Share the sessions with your family and friends!

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The Science Behind the Body’s Response to Stress
Our stress response is as old as the first humans. The stress response keept us safe from danger, so was, and is, quite useful. It helped us when a sabertooth tiger appeared at the watering hole. The hypothalamus in the brain takes in the signal ” yikes, tiger!”, and triggers the adrenal glands to release hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, setting off the fight or flight reaction.

Adrenaline increases the heart rate, elevates blood pressure and boosts energy supplies to the muscles.

Cortisol, increases glucose in the blood stream, enhances the brain’s use of glucose and increases the availability of substances that repair tissues. It also suppresses the digestive system, the immune system response, the reproductive system and growth processes. This hormonal system feeds back to regions of the brain that control mood, motivation and fear.

The Stress Response on Hyperdrive 
The body’s stress response is useful and normally self-regulating. When you’ve escaped the saber-toothed tiger, the adrenaline and cortisol rush ends and the hormones are broken down and body functions returned to normal.

When stressors are ever-present – deadlines, worries about finances, traffic jams, health issues –  the stress response remains in stuck in the”on” position, creating tension, nervousness or edginess.

If allowed to continue, hormonal and chemical changes in the body disrupt homeostasis (or health), creating dis-ease in the body such as heart disease, sleep disruption, digestive problems, autoimmunity (immune system attacks the body), depression, addictions, memory problems, skin problems such as eczema, thyroid problems, blood sugar problems, headaches, decreased sex drive, anxiety, lack of motivation.

Just about any disease state can be linked back to stress.

Our culture promotes values that keep our bodies in a stress mode, almost constantly.

We no longer know how it feels to relax!

Adrenal Fatigue 
The more of these hormones that are produced, the harder the adrenals need to work to keep producing more hormones. Eventually, these endocrine glands get tired and depleted, burned out, leading to what is recognized as adrenal fatigue.

The main function of the adrenal glands, which sit atop both kidneys, is to effectively deal with stressful situations. They determine the energy of the body’s response to every change, both internal and external. Every cell is affected by the release of its hormones.

Cortisol levels normally fluctuate throughout the day, peaking around 8am, to its lowest level around 4am. Cortisol production and fluctuation is important and vital for proper body function and to respond to stress. After the stressful situation has past, cortisol levels return to normal. However, in our modern culture, the stress response often does not have time to return to normal before another stress hits the body. As described already, this can lead to health problems resulting in too much circulating cortisol and eventually, too little cortisol circulating, as the adrenal glands become chronically depleted.

Help for Adrenal Fatigue
It’s always a good idea to test for your adrenal hormone levels. Low levels will take a while to rebuild and usually require help from supplements, animal adrenal products (for a while) and dietary and lifestyle changes.

natural stress reliefEat well. Ideally mostly organic, local vegetables and fruits. Some people require more protein, some require more carbohydrates. You can take a free test to see what your metabolic type is at Dr. Mercola’s website. He is medical doctor and health and nutrition advocate who provides excellent information about a number of health topics.

Make sure to eat high quality fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber regularly. If you need help with knowing what to eat or supplements to take, we do a short supplement recommendation session for $20. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about what your body needs.

Detoxify your body. Given our modern environment with all its pollutants, man-made chemicals, personal care and cleaning products containing harmful organic compounds, heavy metals and other toxic chemicals floating around in the air and water, keeping the body clean can be a challenge. You can detox your body with herbs, Zeolite, algae and other products.

NMT helps by making the body aware of toxins present (sometimes stored in fat, bone and nerve tissue) and efficiently removes them from cells and out of the body. 

natural stress reliefExercise regularly. Not only does moving the body get circulation flowing, meaning toxins removed and nutrients to tissues, but it turns on feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters throughout the body.


Exercise makes us feel good!

De-stress. Take time to breathe, be and release old feelings you are holding that are no longer helpful. NMT is a great way to help with the release. See a qualified health practitioner who is skilled in diagnosis and care for adrenal fatigue. Naturopathic Physicians, Nutritionists, Accupuncturists, Chiropracters and Medical Doctors with alternative philosophies, may all be helpful.

For more information about steps to take to help, you can visit Dr. James Wilson’s website where he goes in much more depth about adrenal fatigue.

Stop stress in its tracks!

6 Steps to Feel Stress-Free

Step 1: Awareness. Notice when you feel tense, anxious, worried. Underneath this is usually fear – fear something won’t go well, fear of getting hurt, not having enough food or money, fear of losing something you value, fear of being left out or making a fool of oneself. So just notice when you feel like this. Is it at the same time of the day, such as driving in traffic, or driving to work when you know you will soon face your boss? Is it when you find yourself in a new situation? Is it when you are in front of an audience, or the center of attention? Is it habitual?

Step 2: Think a different thought. For example, if you are worried that you won’t find a partner in life because of a perceived inadequacy – of either you or the partner, switch that thought to one where you find the perfect person for you, even if you don’t know what that looks like yet. The new thought will bring ease and peace of mind and a new action.

natural stress relief Step 3: Take different action stemming from that different, more positive thought. You may decide to sit still in a park, listening to birds and feeling the breeze, at lunch time rather than work through lunch, arriving back at work feeling energized and ready to conquer the rest of the day.

Step 4: Get help. It’s almost always easier for someone else to see our stumbling blocks than for us to see ourselves. Seek out the support of a friend, family member, clergyman or counselor to help you notice and redirect the actions or habits that keep you stuck and in stress or worry mode.

Step 5: Move your body. Walking, running, working out at the gym, yoga, dancing… any type of body movement stimulates the “feel good” neurotransmitters and diminishes the stress hormones. Or have someone give you body work, like a massage.

Step 6: Release worry and fear from the subconscious mind. Stop the energy, the source, of those thoughts before it manifests physically – as headaches, tense, tight neck and shoulders, or some other physical sign. The best way to do this? There are many ways.

What we offer are individual and group healing sessions using the protocols of NeuroModulation Technique as a way to go in the back door to the unconscious mind to release emotions, without the need for talk therapy or delving into unpleasurable events.

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