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“The Living Matrix Movie” – a movie that talks about the mind-body connection.

NMT and the Mind-Body Connection
Dr. Leslie Feinberg, developer of NMT, describes what it is and how it works.

More information about NeuroModulation Technique at the official website

Books for expanding the mind :  Beyond our mechanistic thinking of the way the mind-body works
The Field by Lynne McTaggart
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One of the first mind-expanding books I had read, scientific evidence is given for phenomena that falls outside our typical belief system of the mechanical world. The vibration of cancer cells versus other body cells, machines picking up collective consciousness of tragic events, the energy field of a researcher influencing the cells she is working on…. These are a few of many things discussed.

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
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Bruce Lipton gives a fantastic lay-person’s overview of the cell and how each part of the cell functions like a part of the body, a miniature of the whole. He then goes on to describe how thoughts and beliefs chemically influence the cells of the body.

Your Body Can Talk: How to Listen to What Your Body Knows and Needs Through Simple Muscle Testing by Susan Levy
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This is a great way to understand how muscle testing works and the innate wisdom the body has to offer, if only we could listen. Susan Levy gives the reader ways to “listen”. Read this and know your body better.

Trauma Releasing Exercises by David Bercelli
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Having worked in many cultures where large scale traumatic events like ethnic cleansing occurred, David Bercelli shares how one can get the trauma out of the body through very simple exercises that stimulate the tissues to release through shaking or vibration.

The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson
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Dr. Bradley Nelson simplifies the explanation of how emotions sit in tissues of the body and create disease. Once released, people find ease. This shows you how to create the release energetically, without talk therapy or catharsis (although feeling may come up during the process).

Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford

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Packed with information about the diet as the root cause for disease,  different diets and nutrition, Paul Pitchford also delves into Eastern concepts, such as the use of flavors, the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and seasonal eating; includes whole food recipes.

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
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Fashioned from Westin A. Price’s research on diets of indigenous peoples, this cookbook not only has recipes of whole food meals, fermentation, and using bones and organs of animals, it’s chock full of great snippets about vitamins, minerals and which foods contain which.

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment I highly recommend Dr. Joseph Mercola’s newsletters packed with cutting-edge information about what is really healthy for the mind-body. His info is independent of pharmaceutical industry influence. His views are very alternative and he sells a lot of products. His heart and spirit are in the right place, advocating for sick people!

Products in Support of Health
Most people are deficient in the following nutrients. We help you decide on which nutrients or brands to use by asking your body what it prefers.

Vitamin D – involved in modulating over 2000 genes in the body, this very important vitamin is vital for immune system, bone and overall health. Learn more on Dr. Mercola’s website. And his Vitamin D update.

Vitamin K2 – ally in fighting cancer, reducing risk of diabetes, and helping with cardiovascular health.

Probiotics – helpful microorganisms for your gut, including Florastor, ThreeLac, Bio-Kult,, Jarrow Saccromyces boulardii (competitor to Candida)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – found in krill oil, fish oil – several brands: Nordic Naturals, Spectrum, Udo’s Choice, hemp seeds or oil, flax oil

Please contact us for help with supplements or which steps to take for your health.

Autism Support Sites and Nutrients

Kerri Rivera, who wrote Healing the Symptoms Known as Autismspeaks here at the May, 2014 AutismOne Conference about her protocol for healing her own son and many other kids with the symptoms we call autism.

healing autism

Andreas Kalcker, PhD, also spoke at the AutismOne Conference in May, 2014, about a parasite elimination protocol that is a part of Kerri Rivera’s protocol. This is another fascinating video presentation to watch!

Q & A with Kerri Rivera and Andreas Kalcker at AutismOne Conference, May, 2014

Autism Yesterday

Generation Rescue – an organization that provides hope for reversing Autism and treatment assistance

Biomedical Treatment for Autism – offered by Generation Rescue, a systematic approach to treating the underlying issues of autism within the body

Autism Research Institute – free autism education for parents and professionals

Find a MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs) Health Care Professional

Finding a Clinician: Questions to Ask

Autism Research Institute ATEC form (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist)

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment

Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride