Emotional Release – Quickly, Naturally, Without Therapy

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Experience a huge shift in your life without years of talk therapy.

Remove blocks to your success, abundance or desires – quickly, easily and permanently!

See results immediately:

    • Improved Relationships
    • Focus for Success
    • Tap into your Creativity
    • Feel Empowered
    • Conquer Fears
    • Excel at Athletics

Schedule your Emotional Release Session.

and see how we can help you feel good about yourself and your life.

Cost for a 55-minute session is $250. Payment taken at the time of scheduling.


Results that count —
Alani Kelly at Radiant Health“Working with Luminara has made a huge difference in my life! During our session I felt huge waves of evergy coursing through my body. It was as if blockages, fears, and obstacles were literally melting away, shedding, leaving my energy field. I felt lighter both emotionally and spiritually, and felt I had just been given an amazing, incredibly powerful tool from a higher source.

“The evening of our session, I was presented with a situation that I normally find very uncomfortable, yet to my surprise, I felt at peace, grounded and comfortable. It was clear that something had fundamentally shifted, and that I was acting from a completely  different emotional/mental space. I experienced what it was like to no longer be closed off in ways I had been before, and to be open to life’s possibilities, even in situations that have previously felt very uncomfortable and scary. Certain blockages, barriers and hesitations that have been there in the past were simply no longer there. Poof. Gone. It was such a powerful confirmation that something had really shifted for me, and within a few hours of working with you!

“Continuing to work with affirmations has created peace amidst the whirlwind of life’s daily fears, challenges and difficulties. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Luminara and highly recommend her work!”
— Alani Kelly, Health Coach, Portland, OR    RadiantHealthLink.com

“I felt like a 5/5 leaving your office, got bogged down again later, and feel like a 5 now! I don’t even struggle with those mental problems in the yoga room anymore, in fact, I haven’t even given them much thought, because they seem obsolete. I feel this has helped me outside of the yoga room as well.”
— A. L., Scientist, Eugene, OR 

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“Luminara is a master of her craft.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly and exactly she focused in on the core issues that I was dealing with and actually supported me to shift my state of consciousness and my relationship to challenging emotions.  I left the session fully in my body and in a deeper trust with the process of growing in my business.  What a gift to have Luminara’s healing touch in support of my personal and professional growth!”
— Lev Natan, Business Coach, High Falls, NY   TheMedicineTree.com

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“One problem I was having was being able to relax.  I am so grateful, because now I can do that and not feel guilty! Luminara is able to see things inside you that you don’t even realize need fixing, and helps you fine tune mentally, spiritually and physically.”
— Diane Palma, Reflexologist, Oak Park, IL  



“Since you worked on me, I have found it a little easier to speak my mind and my opinions with others and trust that my gut/intuition is guiding me in the right direction – I just need to put it out there for the world. I still have this sense of being confined sometimes…feeling “too big and too much”, but I have talked about that with a few people in the last week, and each time I talk about it, I feel a little less confined. I feel more “good and capable enough”…although I guess maybe it feels more like that was there all along, and now I am a little more trusting that it’s there. Funny enough, I’m down at [yoga] teacher training this weekend, and I’ve had two good classes so far, not because I’ve done amazing things, but because I’ve been able to breathe consistently throughout class and feel solid enough in who I am that I’ve let go of my ego and some of the “performance expectations” I carried with me while I was actually in training 4 years ago. As a result I just feel really open in the room and I’m holding postures as long as teachers want me to without fear or anger. It’s a little bit healing to return to training and feel solid and strong enough in myself to show up for class in a way that I don’t know I was really ever able to do while at training.”
— Jess E., Yoga Instructor, Eugene, OR   Sweaty Ganesh Yoga, Eugene


emotional healingcreate harmony with your
extended family


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  • Finish projects.
  • Advance in your job.
  • Attain a personal goal.
  • Focus like never before.



woman leaping on beach-cropped2open creativity channels in
the arts
in your work
in  your play


Personal Power

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Say NO when you want.
Set your personal boundaries.
Feel like your opinion makes a difference.
Feel your personal power like never before.


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overcome fears of

people ~ past or upcoming event ~ the future ~ failure ~ success ~ heights, snakes, insects or other phobias


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reach your physical goal by optimizing coordination and motor movements




Feel good about yourself and your life!