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Natural Autism Treatment 

We offer treatment and hope for your child diagnosed on the autism natural treatment for autismspectrum using NeuroModulation Technique (NMT).

We help with language, tantrums, motor skills, cognition, self-stimulatory behavior, allergies, detoxification, anxiety, sociability, rituals and transitions.

We have faith there is an intelligent and aware being behind the mask of autism and help bring him or her out to you.

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Book an Autism Recovery Strategy Session
In this 55-min consultation, we go over your child’s symptoms and expressions, then discuss logical steps to take to improve health. We help you with diet choices, digestion, allergies, neurological issues, behaviors and more. We give you a plan with which to move forward. See ratesBook here.

Autism Treatment Study with NMT

Published in Jan/Feb, 2014 issue of EXPLORE. 
The study showed significant improvements in:

  • sensory and cognitive awareness
  • sociability
  • speech/language/communication
  • ritual
  • fears
  • learning
  • irritability
  • lethargy
  • hyperactivity and inappropriate speech

Several NeuroModulation Technique practitioners participated in this multi-site study, which found NMT to bring about changes more quickly than traditional treatments. View the research study here: Intention -based Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Conclusions of the study

“… NMT is a promising intervention for autism…”

“…within a relatively short  period of time [it] has the potential to produce a  significant reduction in maladaptive behaviors and a significant increase in adaptive behaviors .”

Consider NeuroModulation if

  • your child is diagnosed on the autism spectrum: ASD, PDD/NOS, Asperger’s
  • you are searching for help without medication
  • you have exhausted the range of treatment to help your child
  • you want a faster recovery for your child

Talk with us freely, for free

We offer a free 30 minute consultation for you to ask questions and see how NeuroModulation is an appropriate fit for your child. Contact us.

Listen to a radio interview with Dr. Leslie Feinberg, developer of NeuroModulation Technique. At about 38 minutes into the interview he talks about the results of the NMT Autism Study just published in the Jan/Feb, 2014 issue of Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.


 Natural Autism Treatment – In Our Experience

Symptoms of the autistic kids with whom we have worked include:

    • allergiesnatural autism treatment for girls
    • Candida overgrowth
    • frequent tantrums
    • head-banging and holding the head, presumably due to pain
    • aggression
    • spaciness or child in his own world
    • loss of eye contact and speech
    • self-hitting
    • lack of comprehension
    • non-verbal
    • loss of motor coordination or regression of motor function
    • obsessive and repetitive behaviors.

What we see in children with autism:

        • Toxin overload and low ability to detoxify
        • Allergies and Autoimmune Behavior
        • Neurological confusion
        • Inflammation
        • Immune system dysfunction
        • Leaky gut
        • Emotions affecting physiology
        • Body tissues in stress mode
        • Biochemical confusion


natural autism treatment for brains, autism alternative treatmentDuring the NMT treatment session, the body is guided to release toxins; balance microorganism flora of the body, especially in the gut; repair the gut lining; eliminate pathogens, including bacteria implicated in Lyme’s disease, parasites, yeast; increase the body’s own natural capacity to produce glutathione to help it detoxify; eliminate allergies, tune up the immune system; repair brain tissue and nerves; balance the brain for better function, increase oxygen flow to the brain and other vital organs; balance hormones.

The body is capable of doing all of this! This is healing from the inside out – this is truly Natural Autism Treatment! 


autism alternative treatment, natural autism treatment



Find out more in a free 30-minute consultation.


Diet, Detox and Emotions
Kids on the autism spectrum can also benefit from a little help from the outside – proper diet and certain supplements. We can guide you in this during the detox process.

Additionally, emotions, trauma, stress need to be released. Sometimes a shift only occurs after the underlying emotional load is released. Trauma can be acquired in the womb or during the birth process, or even from an initial hospital stay.

Energy meridians may need balancing.

Craniosacral adjustment or other tissue tension release may be needed. Family dynamics may contribute to the autism symptoms – chaos in the home, a hectic family schedule, inflexibility to change of family behaviors, emotional dynamics between child and parents/siblings – can all contribute to energetic instability of the child. Families of the children I work with will see a higher level of success if they are aware of their interactions with the child and open to shift.

Success with Natural Autism Treatment

natural autism treatment for kids, autism alternative treatmentSuccess with NeuroModulation Technique comes with being open to the changes, consistency and persistence.

The autistic children with whom I have worked typically have a treatment session once a week for approximately 12 weeks, then once a month for a year, sometimes longer. We re-evaluate frequently. Clients may stop at any time.

We find people want to keep doing the treatment sessions because they see such positive changes.

Success also comes to those who make appropriate diet changes, supplement with vitamins, minerals, probiotics and detoxifying aids. Many also have chiropractic care, receive lots of love from their families and have parents who never give up.


This Mom’s Tried Everythingautism alternative treatment, natural autism treatment
We have searched for answers to our son’s Autism for years.  We have tried it all!  Sensory Integration therapy, Auditory Integration therapy, Speech, OT, Cranial Sacrial Therapy, GF/CF diet, prescribed medications, three rounds of Stem Cell treatment, nutritional supplementation.  We even swam with the Dolphins!  There was a place for all therapies, but unfortunately, minimal improvement over the years.

Upon starting NMT, we noticed immediate improvement in our son.  He was in a definite state of depression even though on psychotropic drugs. Since starting NMT, he has done a 360 turn around!  From depression to smiling and laughing!  He is controlling negative behaviors and has less aggression.  We are able to redirect him (no episodes or meltdowns).  Our son still has many issues, but this is a good start. I now look forward to upcoming NMT sessions! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

-J. T., mother of 25-yr old, Meadowlands, MN

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