Natural Allergy Treatment

Eliminate allergies naturally. natural allergy treatment, allergies alternative treatment
Allergies can be treated without medications or herbal remedies and can go away – forever! Yes, you read that correctly. The body’s immune system can be taught to react differently to food, pet hair or dander, pollen, molds, dust, etc.

How can allergy symptoms go away without the use of antihistimines, immunotherapy (allergy shots), corticosteroids or other allergy medicine? By retraining the immune system to do its job properly, without mistakes.

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Bye-bye allergies. An allergic reaction happens when a chemical from outside the body – maybe wheat, milk, eggs, pollen, dust, mold or cat dander is eaten or breathed in. These allergen may even contact the skin or be injected, like a bee sting or medication.

Because it is the response of the immune system that is the problem here, people who have allergic reactions to one thing are likely to have reactions to other substances. Once this happens, confusion of the immune system abounds and it’s likely to begin attacking the body, causing autoimmune behavior.

At first, only a low level of inflammation in the targeted body tissues occurs, but worsens over time, until finally symptoms appear: joint pain, swelling, various pains with unknown sources, digestive trouble, organ dysfunction.


Effective Allergy Treatment

At best, the success of current allergy treatment methods are extremely limited. Antihistamines, decongestants, corticosteroids, immunotherapy (allergy shots) are either painful or cause unwanted side effects. Herbal remedies, certain supplements and using a neti pot do help some allergy sufferers, but also with limited success.

The healing method called NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) effectively eliminates allergies – permanently.

natural allergy treatment, allergies alternative treatmentHow?  Quite simply, applying NMT retrains the immune system to work correctly.

Assessment During a NMT treatment session an assessment using Muscle Response Testing (MRT) queries the nervous system (controller of the body) and immune system about its behavior towards allergens. What errors are present that allow the triggering of the immune system by pollen? wheat? corn? dust? mold? I systematically ask about an exhaustive list of allergens.

Awareness The next step involves bringing the new awareness of all the mistakes to the body. I look at the types of errors involved and where and how they are mis-communicated within the immune system and to the nervous system. It is like asking, “Immune system, why are you attacking the allergens and causing itching, sneezing, watery eyes, hives?” I unravel the internal causes.

Transformation Once the body systems are aware of the misbehavior, I give the instructions for the correct behavior. The system is being re-trained in what was once its natural state. Somewhere in life, it got confused and started doing the wrong thing. The behavior perpetuated and became a habit. With the power of NMT, I help break that habit and have the body revert to the behavior nature intended.

A gentle tapping procedure is done to anchor the treatment. The tapping can be done by the administering practitioner or the client herself.

Non-invasive The NMT process is non-invasive – meaning no shots, supplements, pills, nasal sprays or other remedies. Once the immune system is re-trained, the correction is typically durable. The treatment is delivered verbally either in person or via a distance treatment, using a surrogate for the muscle testing.

Many people experience relief with only one NMT treatment. For others, it is more of a process. Errors are found, corrective instructions given, integration of these instructions occurs. Sometimes it takes a while for the integration process before another “layer” of mis-information is identified and corrected, much like peeling the layers of an onion.

Miracles are seen on a daily basis. They, in fact, are not so much miracles, but the body becoming aware: aware of its malfunctioning, aware of how to behave, implementing the correct behavior. Body in balance.

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Allergies – I have suffered my whole life from seasonal pollen and mold allergies. When I moved to the Willamette Valley, I knew I was in for it. The things that affected me most were scotch broom pollen and mold in the fall.

natural allergy treatment, allergies alternative treatment

Sometimes it got so bad I had to use an inhaler. I tried every antihistamine available. My children, 9 and 12, also suffered from these allergies. In 2008 during the height of allergy season, I saw Luminara’s ad for NMT allergy elimination. I decided to take the whole family in. We all seemed to feel better right away. I sort of forgot about the whole thing until I was driving in my car with the kids, spring 2009, and I saw a huge stand of scotch broom blooming to the side of the road. I was amazed. Usually, I know the day the scotch broom blooms because I have to run to the store for some antihistamine and a box of tissues. I was feeling fine. I called back to the kids, “Hey, does anybody have the sniffles?” They answered, “No,” wondering what I was asking for. I said, look over at those scotch broom. They were surprised. That was the day I knew NMT really works.
~ A.H., Eugene OR

Skin Rash –  I was very worried with anxiety about this skin outbreak and you worked with me to find the root or cause and heal me on many levels. It took a couple sessions and time over the phone too. We turned this body’s suffering toward the road to health. It would have taken much longer I feel without your help. What peace of mind I craved to know it would heal – and that’s exactly what I got. I’m so grateful and relieved. Thank you Luminara!
~ G. H., Springfield, OR

Pain, Allergies I had my doubts when I first started the class. But the group energy was a positive along with your own open mind to the healing powers of mind and body. My knee and ankle and shoulder pain have been so much more controlled. Not so much pain. My allergies are more in check. No bad eyes and clearer sinus passages. Thank you!
~ K. F., Eugene, OR – NMT Group Treatment Participant

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NMT treatment of anaphylactic allergies. Afterwards, she eats the triggering food – with no reaction! 



Listen to a radio interview with Dr. Leslie Feinberg, developer of NeuroModulation Technique to learn more about how NMT works.

natural allergy treatment, allergies alternative treatment