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There are so many diets being promoted – vegetarian, vegan, raw food, paleo, low-fat, high protein, to name a few. How is one to know what to eat?

What is good for one body is not necessarily good for another body. Each person is unique and should eat to support that unique body. This is where we come in.

womanyoungasiansmilingWe help you find what fits for you. We guide you to replenish deficiencies such as essential vitamins, fats, minerals. We help you build your energy levels, improve your memory and thinking, get the aches out of your joints and pain out of your muscles.

Food is your miracle drug! When you eat well, your body functions well. And gradually the medications reduce and then go away.

Support to Stay With lt

Calendar2We work with you for 6 months minimum to help you stay with all the eating and lifestyle changes you make. We are here for support, to answer questions, to keep refining what it is you need, according to your own individual body needs.

We teach you how to demystify food labels, what actually nourishes your body and what may be harming it, greater awareness of what works for your body, what doesn’t. We help you every step of the way:

  • determining what feeds YOUR body
  • eliminating cravings
  • cleaning out the toxic build-up
  • getting rid of pathogenic gut bacteria
  • best ways to cook (or not cook!)
  • recipes for amazing, healthy meals

We offer a free 30-minute consultation to see if we can help you.