NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment



NMT Works with the Body’s Own Innate Intelligence to Heal.



Much like a car, computer, or other machine, the body needs regular maintenance or it gets sick .

Over time a computer slows down, runs inefficiently, is exposed to software and the internet and may acquire viruses, software glitches and wear and tear on the hardware. Similarly, the body encounters pathogens, injuries, trauma that contribute to illness. Emotions, beliefs, thoughts, stress, as well as physical exposures pile on, creating many small internal break downs.

Even arguments, anger and resentments contribute to an unbalanced state. If not discharged, residual effects from these experiences stay stuck in the mind-body, and when accumulated, lead to dis-ease.

These many “hits” to the body create confusion and sickness. NMT removes the confusion.


NMT is a process of helping the body remember how to function optimally.

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment



Symptoms of pain, inflammation, allergy, autoimmune disease, fatigue, depression, etc. are just signals the mind-body needs attention and help. NMT helps the body recognize and correct, at the most basic level, the origins of these symptoms.

Besides NMT, regular maintenance of the mind-body – eating whole, organic foods, regular exercise, release of emotions, meditation or spiritual practice daily – brings a sense of well-being and overall health.


 Listen to a one-hour radio interview with NMT developer, Dr. Leslie Feinberg,
by Dr. Gabriella Kortsch, host of “Re-wiring the Soul”.

He tells of amazing case studies where people heal instantly.

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment

 View a NMT session of an Anaphylactic Allergy Treatment in which the allergy is completely resolved.

Who Can Benefit From NMT?

Anyone With Allergies
Whether the allergy is to a food, dust, pollen, animal hair or body tissue (autoimmune disease), it’s due to immune system errors. The outside chemical is mistaken for something harmful, promoting a defensive response from the immune system, the root of allergy symptoms.

Those Who Have Toxins in the Body
Sometimes the body’s defense mechanisms do not properly recognize toxins. Or the detoxification systems are sluggish or damaged due to toxin overload. NMT helps detoxification mechanisms, the liver, as well as other systems run smoothly and efficiently so that you eliminate the crud and feel better.

People With Autoimmune Diseases
Autoimmune diseases, those in which the body attacks itself, involve confusion within the immune system. There are many reasons this happens and all can be corrected.

Many people with autoimmune diseases, like Parkinson’s Disease, in which certain dopamine-producing brain cells are damaged, show no symptoms until 80% or more of these cells are destroyed. We find autoimmune activity and correct your body to stop it before you are diagnosed with “disease” and before you ever experience symptoms.

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatmentPeople Wanting Pain Relief
Pain signals the mind-body to redirect its attention inward. Acute pain is temporary and includes burns, cuts and fractures. An injury from sports or trauma from accidents can be considered acute. Chronic pain can include back pain, arthritis, muscle strain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and pain from chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, and lupus. If we do not pay attention to and take appropriate action, acute pain may develop into chronic pain.

Using NMT it’s possible to get to the underlying cause of the pain. This can include finding and eliminating toxins and harmful bacteria, or correcting misinterpretations of pain within the brain.

Let’s look at an example of how the brain can mistakenly register pain. Chronic low back pain can be due to:

      • a nerve picking up a vibration or pressure sensation and misinterpreting it as pain;
      • the brain receiving a message that it misinterprets or alters;
      • the brain amplifying a signal so that pain is perceived as stronger than it actually is.

NMT resets the nervous system to interpret these signals accurately, thereby reducing or eliminating pain, often times immediately.

Anyone With Psychological and Emotional Issues
Although not consciously apparent, there is always a deeper emotion, thought or conditioning involved in dis-ease in the mind-body. In treating for any physical symptoms, I include emotional work. This does not mean talk therapy, release of big emotions, or catharsis, as in therapy with a psychologist. One need not cry for hours to feel better or release stuck emotions (although if crying happens, it is wise to allow it).

Memories of events and associated emotions are thought to be stored within various brain structures, as well as within individual cells. Removing information faults related to these emotions and memories with NMT allows an event to be remembered without the emotional charge, and to go through daily life with decreased levels of negative emotions.

Autism, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida Overgrowth and more…
Because NMT works by shifting the information and energy fields which bring about physical disease, it can be used for just about anything. Gardens and agriculture, animals, group dynamics, even companies have benefited from NMT. Over 1000 health care professionals have been trained in NMT, each with their own unique application of the modality. Many use it in conjunction with chiropractic, accupuncture, naturopathy, counseling, nursing. Others use it to help eradicate pests from plants, help animals heal from injury, even help companies manifest their goals.

Response to NMT Treatment – What to Expect

Everyone will have different responses to treatment, as everyone’s mind, body and life experiences are unique. At the time of the session, one may feel:

  • yawning and feeling tired during the session
  • being very tired afterwards, and/or sleeping a lot or very well
  • pain, headache or allergy symptoms disappear
  • an overall sense of feeling better, more energy, increased aliveness
  • feeling “clear” or “lighter” in one’s body

During a NMT session, the mind-body receives instructions on how to behave differently, a re-training towards optimal health. Most diseases do not occur overnight; sometimes they take years to develop. It can take the mind-body time to physically incorporate the new instructions. DNA and tissue repair, release of pathogens and toxins, hormonal adjustments, all take a bit time and usually a restful mind-body to integrate.

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment

photo credit: Eitan Tal

While an internal shift occurs during the first session, it may take more than one session to feel physical symptoms change – or the changes may be felt immediately.

I felt an immediate improvement and clarity in my vision during NMT sessions. I knew it was happening because I had a lower prescription lens which made things a tiny bit blurry. After the NMT correction, my vision was sharp and clear.


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The NMT Process

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment

photo credit:: Patrick J. Lynch

How Do We Assess the Mind-Body?
The mind-body is separated into the conscious mind and unconscious mind.  About 10% of what we do is at the conscious level. The other 90% is controlled by the unconscious mind, and include processes such as heart rate, breathing rate, release and uptake of hormones, immune system functioning, digestion, kidney function, and about 6 trillion chemical reactions per second.


Most of what we do is directed by the unconscious mind!


We assess the unconscious mind to determine what is functioning normally, and what needs adjusting.

“Information faults”, bits of meaningless data, get in the way of proper signaling and create errors within the unconscious mind. When this happens symptoms of disease or dysfunction appear.

This process in the mind-body is akin to a problem in a big city. Let’s say there is a sewer leak in a section of New York City, with sewage seeping all over the streets, and all phone lines are busy or faulty. The central office does not know about the leak, or gets faulty information about it. It can send the wrong crew to work on the leak, send a crew to the wrong location, or be so confused it doesn’t send anyone at all. The result is a continued or worsened mess in that part of the city.

The Assessment
Muscle Response Testing is used to query the unconscious mind until it recognizes the disease symptoms or level of misinformation. Using very specific protocols, we can zero in to the most basic level of malfunction and push the body’s control systems in the direction of normal function. The protocols involve a series of targeted questions, assessing various functions at all levels: organ, tissue, cell, molecular, emotional and energetic. In this holistic and non-invasive process, intention, knowledge, experience, detail and creativity inform the client’s own healing mechanisms and result in physical change.

For a more detailed and scientific explanation of NMT, please see Patient testimonials are available from other practitioners at this site.

Please note: We do not, nor does the NMT process, diagnose or cure disease. We simply assess what the unconscious mind perceives is happening in the body. After clearing the misinformation, the body heals itself.