June, 2014 Newsletter


  • Personal Note About My Spring Cleanse
  • Autism and Chronic Diseases – It’s Just Toxicity
  • What Causes Meltdowns in Autistic Kids?
  • Using Your Energy Body to Your Benefit
  • Stress Relief for You and Friends

On a personal note… 

Spring cleanse update —

Last month I embarked on a colon cleanse with clay, psyllium and gentle herbs (Intestinal Movement Formula) along with drinking fresh veggie juice and eating lots of raw foods.


Here’s what I noticed. My energy was great, my skin looked good, but not sure if it was hugely better than pre-cleanse. My right knee continued to heal and now I have 100% range of motion (after pulling a groin muscle 6 weeks ago and limping). But that had been improving every day. I had less bloating and intestinal gas. 

After the cleanse, I had a grass-fed beef, cheeseburger (raw cheese and no bun). After eating it I had to lay down on the couch and almost fell asleep (I call this a food coma). I do like beef and my body seems to want it every couple of weeks. But this was very telling.One other benefit: my stools were multi-colored, a sign I take to mean old stuff clearing out. But also I almost didn’t need to use toilet paper, as the stool was well formed right to the end. This represents our natural state of health, which is something I want consistently.Until the next experiment…. happy summer and happy cleansing or cooking great food or reaching whatever goal you have!

 The Tie Between Autism and Chronic Disease

Yes, There IS One!

While attending the AutismOne 2014 Conference in Chicago at the end of May, I heard a confirmation from many people of what I have suspected for quite a long time…

Autism is a Disease of Toxicity!
Chronic Disease is due to Toxicity!

Which brings hope that people can recover from autism as they detoxify their bodies. And people with other chronic diseases, like diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, heart disease, cancer can recover, too! It begins with only putting real food in the body, then slowly getting the junk (toxins) out.

With autistic kids, toxic early in life, the process is slow and long because very important systems of the body are really messed up. But they, and everyone, can detoxify and get healthier.                                  photo credit: Alain Elorza

AutismOne Conference 
There was so much good information shared at the conference that it will take me many posts to share it all. There are methods of cleaning the body, products that help detox and nourish, simple advice our great grandmothers lived by,  and much more. My goal is to summarize and share it with you. And you can share it with your loved ones.

Naoki Higashida, Autistic Child, at age 13 Answers the Question… 
Q. What causes panic attacks and meltdowns?alternative autism treatment tantrumA. “Panic attacks can be triggered by many things, but even if you set up an ideal environment that gets rid of all the usual causes for a given person, we would still suffer panic attacks now and then.”“One of the biggest misunderstandings you have about us is your belief that our feelings aren’t as subtle and complex as yours.””… we experience the same emotions that you do. And because people with autism aren’t skillful talkers, we may in fact be even more sensitive than you are.Stuck here inside these unresponsive bodies of ours, with feelings we can’t properly express, it’s always a struggle just to survive. And it’s this feeling of helplessness that sometimes drives us half crazy, and brings on a panic attack or meltdown.”

How Do You Use Your Energy Body?

Because our society focuses on training the mental and physical bodies, we are never even told we have an energetic body, yet we do.  And most of us use it unconsciously.

Here are three ways to use your energy body and feel more powerful in your daily life.
1. Energetic Center. Where the physical center of your body is, feel your energetic center, depicted by the pink dot. You may typically keep your center in your head, out in front of you, or given away to your partner, an authority figure (like a teacher), or even your child. Take it back and place it in the center of of your body!

2. Grounding Cord. Imagine growing down from your center a cord, or roots, going down into the center of the earth. You can do this as a meditation or visualization. In using your grounding cord, you are reminding yourself you can be grounded to the earth, as well as bring into you earth energy, or any energy that you need in the moment. This energy can give you power to make decisions or feel stronger in your body.

3. Energy Bubble. Imagine, like a big soap bubble, a bubble all around your body and very close to you. This bubble is yours and no one can penetrate it. It keeps you energetically sovereign. When you feel swayed by others or feel odd in a big crowd, remember to imagine your energy bubble to keep you protected from energies of others.

You may imagine a color, size and density for your grounding cord. Likewise, you may imagine a particular color or shape for your energy bubble and energetic center.

Remember to use these tools that are always available!

Stress Relief –
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