February, 2014 Newsletter

From the Mind of an Autistic Boy
Naoki-HigashidaThe Reason I Jump, authored by an autistic Japanese boy at age 13, Naoki Higashida, helps answer questions of what the inner world of being autistic is like. Not that he speaks for everyone with autism.
In my experience treating autistic kids, each is a unique being with unique physiological, emotional and energetic characteristics. As like any other living thing, there are no two alike. Yet, I find inside the non-verbal, perhaps aggressive or tantruming autistic person is an intelligent being, here at this time for a purpose.
Give this a read, whether you know someone with autism or not. It’s likely to open your mind.
Translated from Japanese by David Mitchell, father of a son with autism. Read about his reaction to the book and why he translated it.

What’s Better Than a Box of Chocolates for Valentine’s Day? 

purplegold heartcropped Show you care about your loved ones this Valentine’s Day by treating them to a healthy splurge – a massage, a smoothie or raw vegetable juice, or an emotional clearing healing session.

Trapped emotions keep us locked into body or mind habits, keeping us from our deepest happiness and health. Like cleaning cobwebs from a room, clearing cellular level emotions is like a little face lift for the body, mind and soul.

We provide a pain-free way to release those trapped emotions which creates a healthier you. Contact us to see how we can help you feel better.

Are You SAD? Get Help girl with tear (640x427)
If you succumb to SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, a feeling of depression, anxiety, moodiness and lethargy due to low levels of sunlight in the winter, pep yourself up with extra Vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids (like fish oil), a full spectrum lamp or a NMT session aimed at nudging your neurotransmitters – to create HAPPY again.
Ask us how.

February Special:

glossyheartcroppedTreatment: Emotional Blockage Clearing
Result: A happier state of being, feeling more joyful, may result in smiles!
Cost: $25
Book your session by calling us at +1 541-653-0446.
YES! We do distance sessions – no matter where you live!

Detox Help is Here

?????Have you made any health-related new year resolutions? Want a little help? We’re offering the Gift of Detox, absolutely free.There are many ways to detox:

  • – sweating in a sauna or steam room (or hot yoga room!)
  • – exercise, which pumps blood, gathering toxins to expel through the lungs
  • – drinking lots of water to flush the body, excreting toxins through the urinary system
  • – keeping digestion regular so toxic matter exits through fecal matter
  • – Food, herbs, liver, gall bladder and colon cleanses, colonics and various supplements that stimulate and capture toxins to be carried out of the body.

chinese meridiansfrontWe are offering an Accu-Energy Detoxification Treatment, using the same principles as accupuncture. Creating an easy flow of energy throughout the body’s meridians stimulates detoxification and elimination, from the inside out.

Join us and a group of other health conscious participants in a healing session that will tune up your body’s detox.

Wednesday, February 26
10am PT

It’s free!

If you want increased energy, improved brain function, increased motivation and more, join in! Contact us to say you want to join the group phone call/session. Instructions with the number and how to call in will be sent to you the day before. We hope you can participate!

Stress Prescription
Get rid of your stress, whether from work, home, school, relationships or health issues.

Free Stress Relief Session
Wednesday, February 19 at 10am PT

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