What is Muscle Response Testing?
Muscle Response Testing (MRT), or Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical and mental aspects of health using manual muscle testing. In NMT, this method is used to receive yes/no answers from the unconscious mind.

Distance Healing for Natural Autism Treatment, Natural Allergy Treatment

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How do distance treatments work?
Quantum physics has established that everything is fundamentally interconnected. This is called entanglement. Due to this interconnection, time and space become irrelevant when applying subtle healing such as that found with NMT. Since intention is the most important element to this therapy, if I am clear to whom I am sending the treatment, and clear in my understanding of NMT, it makes no difference if my client is physically present, or in another country. I work with clients in other states and across the oceans, speaking with them on the phone and perform muscle testing on a surrogate. The results are the same as if they were in my office.

What is the Zinger scalar antenna?

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatmentThe Zinger is an electronic device used to convert an audio file of a NMT healing session into scalar waves. Scalar wave technology serves as a vehicle for the intended transformation. Scalar waves can pass through solid objects, are non-linear, non-electromagnetic and do not decay with time or distance from their source. In fact, we are constantly producing these scalar waves, but are quite unaware of it.

autism alternative treatment, allergies alternative treatment

A recorded MP3 file of the specific intention of the healing session will be emailed to you and can optionally be broadcast through your own personal scalar antenna, the Zinger.

Although no therapeutic effect can be claimed (the Zinger has not been tested or approved by any regulatory agency), people who replay the audio file of their healing session while using the Zinger report their symptoms decrease or go away completely.


What can I expect during a NMT treatment session?
During a first session I go over your health history and we dialogue about your current state of being, including symptoms, state of mind and your healing goals. For subsequent sessions we check your progress and current symptoms. An assessment is made and then your subconscious guides which clinical pathway(s) will be applied. A clinical pathway is a set of instructions which will be delivered to guide your body to function more efficiently. During the session your job is to be in a quiet, comfortable, distraction-free place where you can focus on receiving the healing. You may answer some questions, do some tapping on your body or picture different situations to bring forth emotions to clear.

Prepare for your session by visiting the bathroom beforehand. Have some drinking water at hand for during the session. Call the designated number at the time of your appointment. And then relax and receive.

Can NMT work on animals?
Yes! Using muscle response testing with a surrogate one can “speak”¬Ě with the unconscious mind of an animal. I have treated cats, dogs, birds, horses, cows, alpacas. I have even given plants in my garden, as well as houseplants, NMT sessions with excellent results.

What are Informational Faults (IFs)?
IFs are defined as faults in the body’s communication system.

For example, errors in a sensor of a vertebra or disc will misinform the brain of what is really going on. What if a stretch sensor in the low back is misinterpreted as pain (instead of stretch), or set to trigger too easily – or that message is amplified in the brain? This would lead to chronic low back pain and stiffness, which NMT would easily correct by resetting the nervous system.