Dental Cavitations – necrosis of the jawbones – are typically due to extracted or root canaled teeth, even extracted wisdom teeth. An opening allows anaerobic bacteria to enter the jawbone, proliferate and thrive, releasing toxins 1000 times more toxic than botulinum toxins. Once these toxins enter the blood stream, they can wreak havoc in other areas of the body, making one feel ill, with flu-like symptoms. Many alternative dentists and cancer clinics believe cavitations are a root cause of cancer.

NMT helps cavitations

Dental Cavitation

Dr. Weston A. Price (a dentist in the 1920’s) showed that statistically 30% of people with root canals have strong enough immune systems to control bacteria that would enter the bony cavitations. In the last 100 years, the integrity of people’s immune systems has deteriorated considerably due to our ever-more toxic environment.

Dr. Price believed that even in this group of 30% of the population that could deal with infection from root canals and tooth extractions, if one was breastfeeding, had a severe accident, the flu, a pregnancy, excessive worry, stress or grief that overwhelmed the immune system, they could develop into degenerative disease.

The current accepted dental treatment for cavitations is costly and painful surgery, where theĀ cavitation is opened, scraped, sometimes grafted with materials, sometimes left to hopefully heal on its own. Antibiotics and pain medications accompany the procedure.

NeuroModulation Technique has been proven to address cavitations, evidence showing the elimination of infection and bone re-growth without surgery. See theĀ NMT cavitation study.

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