December, 2014

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Recommend one family member or friend to receive a NeuroModulation Technique session and you both receive a 15% discount.
Recommend two family members or friends to receivea NeuroModulation Technique session and both of them and you receive a 20% discount.
The NMT session can be used for helping to clear the underlying emotional or trauma history for a physical ailment, an allergy treatment, or digestion tune up – be creative!
*Recommended person must be a new client. Discount is taken off of published rate of $90 for a 50-minute session. All discounted sessions must be completed by January 30th, 2015.

Toxicity and Autism

Billions of tons of chemicals are produced every year. It’s amazing that humans have figured  out how to combine so many atoms together to make unique molecules. But, what happens to them when we are done using them?

Let’s take the example of a pharmaceutical drug.  It’s chemically synthesized in a lab, packaged into a pill, sold as a remedy for a sickness, taken by a person or animal, distributed throughout the body, and the breakdown components are passed out in the urine. The urine is flushed into the toilet, goes to the sewage treatment plant, likely gets put into the ground. Then where does it go?

And where do the antibiotics given to cattle, chickens and other animals raised for food  go? What about excess fertilizer and pesticides put on crops? Where does all the used anti-bacterial soap go after we wash it down the drain? It  goes back into the earth, of course! Into the land, washed into waterways and the ocean, seeping into the food we eat, evaporated into the air. We get exposed to it and the cycle starts all over again.

If we are not purifying our drinking water, perhaps filtering our air (and we can only really filter the indoor air), being diligent about eating only organic food, then we are surely unintentionally exposed to toxins day in and day out.

Autism, kid looking far away without interestingThe rate of increase in autism parallels the increase in the use of RoundUp pesticide as well as the number of vaccines given to children. Autism is now quite common in the US, and becoming more common  in Europe, Asia, South America and even Africa. There is no escaping the potential for your child to present with the symptoms of autism. There is, however, the potential to clean up mom’s body before becoming pregnant and to clean up the body of a child diagnosed with autism.

The challenge is great, but doable. Making conscious choices about what goes into the body makes a big difference. What about the products used on the body? Shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, hair products, makeup, deodorant, soap – these all add to the chemical burden of the body, making more work for the immune system, using precious energy.

Watch for our new e-book coming soon: Ten Absolutely Free Ways to Help Your Child With Autism.
It will detail changes that will help detoxify, restore the neuroimmune system and restore balance to mind and body.

How You Benefit from My Nutrition Certification
There are many excellent nutritional supplement brands available only to licensed and certified professionals. Now you can have access to these when you “see” me professionally (in person or via Skype appointments).Herbal supplement pillsTo help with: 
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Autism
  • Candida Overgrowth
  • Toxicity due to “silver” dental fillings… Products from Quicksilver Scientific, experts in mercury toxicity 
  • Blood Plasma and Cell Function and Communication, improving Overall Health
  • Mental Focus
  • Muscle Recovery after sports.products from Quinton, ocean water -the perfect blood plasma replacement 
  • Overly Sensitive People
  • Hormonal Issues,
  • Pathogen Elimination…..Products from Mountain States Health Products providing  clinically proven homopathic and glandular formulas
  • Adrenal and other Endocrine Support
  • Joint and Bone Support
  • Whole Body Detoxification
  • Overall Health SupportProducts from Standard Process, whole food nutritional supplements 

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