April, 2014 Newsletter

More Research Incriminating Wheat and Gluten milk
New research finds blood containing antibodies to wheat and milk also contain antibodies to 4 different brain proteins, suggesting these two common foods may be contributing to neurological dysfunction through molecular mimicryMolecular mimicry is a phenomenon where one protein looks similar to another, such that the immune system will react to both in the same manner. In other words, immune system cells that react to an allergen or act to eliminate a certain microorganism’s protein would also react to a body protein, causing an autoimmune reaction.


The only medical treatment for autoimmune diseases currently is immunosuppressants – not a very good choice for overall body function. This is where alternative treatments have an advantage.
To correct the immune system dysfunction, keeping the body from destroying itself, would be the overall best solution for the body. But our allopathic medical doctors just don’t know how to do this, or even believe it’s possible! I feel so excited that NMT actually does this efficiently, thoroughly and permanently! You can witness an allergy be eliminated through a NMT session.

Read the research article: The Prevalence of Antibodies Against Wheat and Milk Proteins in Blood Donors and Their Contribution to Neuroimmune Reactivities or read a great synopsis of it at GreenMedInfo.org, one of my favorite websites for accessing well-written reviews of health, food and nutrition research.


Our Health IS a Global Issue 
A friend showed me this video of Daniel Schmachtenberger speaking eloquently, intelligently, understandably about Global Issues and their impact on us. I was impressed and inspired and want to share it with you! Yes, it’s long – over an hour long. If you are concerned about global issues, it’s worth every second to watch it.

Speech Help for Autistic Kids 

Watch this video about ipad apps for helping kids with speech!

This one is for “Verbs With Milo”, a cute mouse character who acts out each verb.

There are many other apps at speechwithmilo.com, created by speech and language therapist, Poorani Doonan from San Ramon, California. Check them out!


Pollen counts are high with the early springtime blossoms.Book a NMT allergy clearing session so you can breathe easy again. Or recommend a friend and receive a gift from us!

Protecting Your Energy – A Simple Technique

I’ve watched this Donna Eden video and recommended it to clients many times. She is a wonderful energy medicine teacher who demonstrates in this video how to NOT have your energy zapped by others around you, how to keep your energetic sovereignty.

Stress – A Sign of Our Times

You may not feel it, but it’s likely there. The design of our society requires a certain level of stress. If you want some help releasing body-stress patterns (and who wouldn’t?!), join in for some group energy and support in letting go of stress.

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