5 Free Things to Effectively Detox Your Body

I’m super-excited to get this list out! You will benefit from my tons of research, experience and work I’ve done with clients by doing these 5 simple things.

1. Poop every day. 

enema bucket

Seriously! If your waste is not coming out of you, then it’s getting recycled back into your blood stream and toxins can settle anywhere. This alone will be detoxifying for you. I know it sounds gross and off-putting, but if you are at all constipated, you should get an enema bucket and give yourself enemas. Warm water will do. But salt water or coffee enemas would be detoxifying, too.

For less than $7 you can get an enema kit that will last quite a while.


iphonewhilesleeping2. STOP carrying your cell phone on your body, close to your genitals or near your head while sleeping. There is so much research popping up about the detrimental effects of cell phone radiation (see powerwatch.org.uk), including lowered sperm counts and heating of the brain, which affects many biochemical reactions.

If you must sleep with your phone for the alarm, put it in airplane mode.




 3. Turn off your wifi at night while you sleep. And notice a deeper, better sleep. Shield yourself as best you can from wifi and electromagnetic waves while your body is repairing and regenerating.


4. Ditch the cordless phones in your home. It’s a constant source of electromagnetic waves, again, disturbing for the energy fields of the body. If your phone’s getting a signal, so is your nervous system and heart.

cordless phone


5. Perform the liver flush recommended by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for at least 10 days in a row, 3 minutes per day. You’ll need someone else to do it to you. The best time is after you take the first couple of bites of food, when the bile starts flowing.