Everyone has the Capacity to Heal Naturally! 

Sometimes help is needed. And that’s where we come in – to help guide your body back to health.



NEW! Help for dental cavitations associated with illness, typically cancer.

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  Emotion Code, emotional release   Natural Fibromyalgia treatment
See your child communicate, understand, feel calm and well.
Imagine yourself without allergies, breathing normally, sleeping at night, feeling energized.
Feel relaxed and stress-free, without body tension or headaches.
Feel alive and ready to conquer your day.
Be lighter in heart, mind and body by releasing old emotions.
Function like a “normal” person again, with boundless energy and without pain.
At Heart Full Healing , your body is guided to heal naturally, something EVERYONE has the capacity to do! To help you overcome discomfort of mind and body, we combine:

NeuroModulation Technique
concepts from The Emotion Code
Accu-Energy (like Accupuncture without the needles!)
intuitive creativity.

We welcome you as a client in our healing practice and look forward to your transformation to optimal health!

Warm Regards,
Luminara Serdar, BS, MBA, NMT